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My Current Memory Verse: My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. ~Psalm 121:2~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Geting Ready for 2011-2012 School Year!!!

So excited to have figured out my schedule for next year tonight! I will be using Heart of Dakota with both of my kids next year and am having trouble making myself wait until July to start! So for now I can post what I've accomplished tonight and dream about when we actually get to start.

July 11- Aug.5 HOD, Latin for Children Ch.1-4
Aug.15- Sept.9 HOD, LFC Ch.5-8
Sept.19- Sept.30 HOD, LFC Ch.9-10
Oct.10- Nov.18 HOD, LFC Ch.11-16
Nov.28- Dec.16 HOD, LFC Ch.17-19
Jan.3- Jan.27 HOD, LFC Ch.20-23
Feb.6- Mar.2 HOD, LFC Ch.24-27
Mar.12- Apr.5 HOD, LFC Ch.28-31
Apr.16- May 18 HOD, LFC Ch.32-33

I still need to figure out which Math curriculum to use for my dd and where to place her in R&S for LA, other than that and finding a few odds and ends we'll be needing and I should be ready!!

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