My Current Memory Verse

My Current Memory Verse: My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. ~Psalm 121:2~

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Having a great school week!

Thanks to a friend of mine who spurred me on, we've had a great week so far. I'm learning to accept that if I don't get it done first thing in the day, it's ok! The funny thing is I use to do school in the afternoon ALL the time, now I am learning to relax a little and if it fits better in the morning, then we do it in the morning, if it fits better in the afternoon, then we do it in the afternoon!!! Yeah for letting that go and relaxing some with school! K has not been complaining about doing any school either, but I think that has had to do more with the weather we've been having. Anyway, today we did Saxon Math, Easy Grammar, and A Reason for Handwriting (which K is loving, and it is K's weakest area!!). K also read several books and practiced piano! I need to try to get some History in tomorrow, but not going to stress over it!! Hope you have had a blessed day too!

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