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My Current Memory Verse: My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. ~Psalm 121:2~

Friday, May 21, 2010

Looking back at 2009-2010 and on to 2010-2011!

Well, I was just looking at my possible curriculum for this past year and found that I did a lot of different things. I had listed Apologia Botany, Easy Grammar, Daily Grams, Saxon Math 2, and Story of the World. What I actually used was Saxon Math 2, Easy Grammar, Daily Grams, Apologia Astronomy, Mind Benders, Natural Speller, and Adventures in My Father's World. I was unable to buy anything other than Math and Grammar due to my dh being laid off. Well, God and friends are amazing! My sweet friend gave me Adventures in My Father's World. We have had a great year!!
I've learned a lot about myself through the homeschooling process. I started out with Bob Jones, then did a year of eclectic stuff, and am currently using MFW ADV. Some things I've learned about myself:
1- I'm not a prep ahead kind of girl! (Which really stinks when there is a cool hands on activity to do and you don't have the stuff!) Anyone know of a curriculum that includes the items for hands on activities????
2- I get bored when things are presented the same way each time! (Fill out the state sheet and read the back.) My dd, however, never said a word about it!
3- I like to complete a whole book, when I find a good one! (Once again dd never a peep!)
4- Some days I just don't want to teach! (I'd rather clean the house and relax with the kiddos reading a book.).....As I wrote that I realized I need to rethink some of my curriculum, so that this time will happen. Life is too short for it not to happen! Isn't that why we homeschool anyway?!
5- I really don't like to use props when I teach!! (Puppet on a stick and pretending to have a conversation with it! YUCK!!) Even dd didn't like this one!!
6- I love to watch my daughter "get it"! She lights up!!!
So I guess I need to find out what makes her "get it" so that we can both enjoy school!

I've also been told that she is more of a visual learner, so I'm going to try and incorporate more visual learning this year. Not sure exactly how yet, so any ideas would be welcomed.
So far my thoughts for next year are overwhelming.....too many ideas that need to be narrowed down. Thankfully I'll be going to a homeschool conference soon to get my hands on some of these items!
Here are some of my thoughts:
As you can see I'm still brainstorming!!! I'll have to write more later, I'm exhausted!!


Brandi said...

Adventures was my favorite year so far! We really enjoyed the reading, the states sheet nerved me a little too! We are going to be starting our 3rd year of MFW, using CTG.
No yellow blocks BTW! : )

Sarita said...

I am still struggling with science and language arts!