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My Current Memory Verse: My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. ~Psalm 121:2~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy week! No school!

My sweet little boy had surgery on Tuesday to have tubes put in his ears and today he had to go to the orthodontist and he's only 4yrs. old!! My emotions have been like a roller coaster to say the least!!

They decided to put tubes in because he has hearing loss and are hoping this will help. He does NOT like the drops we have to put n his ears twice a day for five days, but he is getting better at it. He's at least laying down and doing it now. :)

He has hemifacial microsomia, so we went to the orthodontist to see if there is anything we should be doing for him at this time. The orthodontist said that we don't need to do anything yet, but I'm not sure how familiar he is with hemifacial microsomia. So there may be a second opinion happening in our future, but not for a while, because my little boy need a break from doctors for a couple of weeks. Plus, I'll wait for the geneticist to tell us if she'd like us to get another opinion.

On top of his appointments, I had to go to the eye doctor and found out I have an inflamed eye and some type of bacteria in it, so now I have drops for my eye. I'm also working at a seasonal consignment store. So, we've had a busy week around here!

Hoping to get back on schedule next week with school!!! I'm missing it, because we've been having such a good time this year!!

Sorry I didn't post about my son's surgery and orthodontist appointment before it happened! I wasn't thinking straight!


Our Family said...

I just prayed for your family- I think I would be very ready to be done with doctors too!! Hope you can get some rest!

momtime said...

Thank you Jessica!!